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10 things you need to know about introverts

1) Their privacy is very important 2) Never embarrass them in public 3) In new situations they tend to hold back and observe their new surroundings first 4) They think before they speak. Don't demand instant answers 5) Do not interrupt them 6) They don't like plans... Continue Reading →


What If

What if I told you this was all for nothing each day that leads to another means little to anybody but yourself. What if I told you it could all be different but things would have to change first. Does... Continue Reading →

drunken thoughts

Words are fickle and more often than not, they are meaningless! For example, my diaries are full of words that collectively form who I am, but! Over a period of time they will be lost, thrown away or forgotten. It... Continue Reading →

On My Own

I never thought that I'd be in a position where at almost twenty I was being forced out of the "family home"! Yet here I am a week into living on my own and all I can say is that... Continue Reading →


Far from the simple life I imagined, this is not a place I want to be. Left feeling uncomfortable, the atmosphere is stale and ridged. Sinking further inside myself, far away from my problems. I  become reclusive. A shadow of ... Continue Reading →


It is not what we say but what we do. Our actions echo long after they are put into place.  Rippling along our linear  line of life. Reaching out twisting and whorping  the lives of others along  the way.  These... Continue Reading →

A Little Simplicity

White lilies sail across stormy currents dancing through endless miles of ocean navigating the tangle of blue and green, avoiding chaos violent waves entail sinking ships white lilies can only hope to save. 

Truth, Silence and Surrender

Do not be angry when I speak the truth, but I bite my tongue more often than I should to keep peace I am yet to feel. My frustration mirrors in your eyes, as words linger in my throat but... Continue Reading →

Flying the Nest

When you have the opportunity to move out, do you take it or play it safe? This dilemma all started when my step-mum decided to one day casually bring up in conversation if I'd ever thought about moving out -... Continue Reading →

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