Ever feel like you are constantly fighting to get out of the middle ground. There is a time in everyone’s life when you are neither a child or an adult but are treated like both. I have a few thoughts on the matter that I need to get off my chest..

As a nineteen, almost twenty year old woman – umm sorry child!? – I find myself in this predicament quite often. It is beyond any doubt the most frustrating, confusing and annoying part of my life to date. To feel like an adult and have all the responsibilities that come with it, but to also be seen as someone who is unfit to make their own decisions due to lack of life experience. How can anyone learn if they do not make their own choices and mistakes.

There are certain expectations that I feel people think I should to live up to. For example, as someone who works full time I am expected to contribute towards the household bills. All well and good but my issue arises when I am still treated like one of the “kids” and are seen to be punished when certain chores are not completed to a high enough standard.

Speaking from my point of view home life at the moment is difficult. Too young to afford a house on minimum wage, yet too old to comfortably live at “home” when you have a life of your own outside the “family”.

It is not just home life that causes problems. Work is not without it’s problems. Working in an environment that consists mostly of adults who are in their late thirties and upwards I believe it is safe to say, I am not always taken as seriously as an employee with more life experience.

I for one am beyond tired of being treated like an idiot. Actually scrap that, I’m tired of being treated like a piece of shit. No one should be at “the bottom of the pile” (quote from one of my lovely colleagues) regardless of age. In this day and age you would think society would be more excepting of all the different types of people. Sadly not as I definitely feel as though I have to continuously prove myself to others.

Yet we can flip this scenario completely and talk about the responsibility young adults are given when they sign their life away for a degree. At the end of the day it is just a little bit of paper. A piece of paper that does hold some weight, I am not disputing that but a bit of paper nonetheless. To straddle young adults with so much debt before they have even started life is horrendous.

Nowadays I feel like there is this stereotype of young adults that lead others to believe we are all stupid, alcoholic, sex crazed and drugged up maniacs. Perhaps that is a slight over exaggeration but it is only to illustrate my point. How are we supposed to learn and grow into adults if we are not trusted to make the right decisions and even if we don’t. Even if we make a horrible mistake, it is not the end of the world and I’m sure it can be dealt with. Besides some of us do have a little bit of common sense!

I am aware this is one huge rant but I cannot be the only person who feels like whatever I do, nothing is good enough. Anyway, I’ll round this off before you become bored. Congrats for making it to the end.

Speak soon,