When speaking about Christmas, the word often brings to mind a definition of what it means to us. For some it provokes thoughts of religion and the celebration of their saviour’s birth. Before that it was a pagan festival to acknowledge the change in season. Nowadays to put it in the most cynical of terms, it is a chance for businesses to exploit the festive holiday in favour of bringing in a large profit. However, for most it is the time of year where families come together to spend quality time with each other, exchange gifts and show their appreciation for their loved ones – what a load of bollocks!

Christmas holds none of these meanings to me and I can safely say it is my least favourite time of the year! I’m not totally awful as I do give gifts but in all honesty only because I like to receive them. I know what a shocking thing to say but there are very few selfless people out there and I do not pretend to be one of them.

My dislike for Christmas does not originate without a reason and I wouldn’t write a blog post about this topic without giving you some background…

I’ve never had a “happy family” type of Christmas. My parents divorced when I was four and for as long as I can remember the festive season has been a continuous battle as to which parent I would spend Christmas with. This as you can imagine was not solved without various shouting matches and upset.

I’ve found growing up that Christmas invites families to fall out and become angry with each other. I’ve thought to myself on many occasions that there is no point getting worked up over one day but that is easier said than done. Christmas is rife with obligation whether that means inviting those distant family member round for dinner just because they lent you money that one time, in a moment of need, or uncomfortably tolerating in-laws with their snide remarks on how they would have cooked the turkey better. Most of the time you end up agreeing to something you don’t want to just because it’s Christmas and that’s what I have trouble understanding.

I am the type of person who doesn’t like being told what to do and I especially don’t like having old and out of date traditions forced upon me just because that’s “what you’re supposed to do”. In my eyes Christmas is another day that should be spent the way you see fit. If you buy into the tradition Christmas then so be it as long as it makes you happy. If on the other hand – possibly speaking from personal experience – you want to lounge around in pyjamas, play scrabble with the mother and eat pizza for tea then that is fine too. Why should we be confined to certain traditions just because it is what is expected of the British family.

Maybe I’m a spoilt brat and I should be more open minded towards Christmas but at the moment I’m quite happy to take a backseat when my Step-Mum wants to decorate the Christmas tree annoyingly to perfection and bite my tongue when Christmas songs are played – no one wants to hear me sing anyway.

I know that many of you won’t agree with all that I have said and I welcome your disagreement, I’m just trying this new thing called brutal honesty. Despite my dislike of Christmas, I do hope that whoever you are, you had the best Christmas possible and will enjoy the New Year to come.