I know it’s not quite 2017 yet, but it’s getting to that time of year where refelction is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

It is not uncommon to look back at the last 356 days and pick out the bad moments, or the moments when things didn’t exactly go to plan and trust me, I have had many of those moments but! I don’t want 2016 to be defined by the low points. I want to remember the good, the thrilling, the exciting and the god damn amazing moments because that is what life should be about.

It’s not to say I will overlook the low times, because those lows have made me who I am, just as much as the highs have but for now lets focus on the positives. It has been one hell of a year, and it may not be over yet but I have condensed 2016 into my five most memorable moments, starting at number five…

It doesn’t matter that I am now back to my original colour. For years I had wanted to dye my hair blonde, lusting over the golden colour and imagining what it would look like. Well I finally bit the bullet and dyed my hair. It’s not something I regret at all but I do prefer my darker coloured hair.


I had such an amazing time with my sister and her friends on holiday. I was so nervous going as I hadn’t really met any of Rachael’s friends before but they couldn’t have been any nicer. It was a typical Zante sort of holiday. Lots of late nights/early mornings, alcohol and cigarettes. It was a great holiday experience but I think it’s fair to say I won’t be doing it again. Something to tick off my bucket list though.


Yes, you read that correctly. Not only did I get to see them live TWICE this year, but I was also lucky enough to get to meet bloody Twin Atlantic! They are one of my favourite bands of all time and I can honestly say it was such a pleasure to meet them. Definitely something else to tick off the bucket list.


Ever since I was about the age of fifteen I have wanted more than anything else in the world to go to Leeds festival. I have a full length blog post where I go into loads of detail about my experience at the festival. I only went for one day but it was still the most amazing day ever and I can’t wait for Leeds Festival 2017! BRING IT ON!!


I was never nervous about moving to Leeds, it was such a rash decision I didn’t really have time to process the move and the affect it would have on me and my life. It is a lot different living in Leeds than it is in Scotland. It’s not just the country that makes the difference but it’s who I’m living with. At times it can still be difficult, and I do have moments where I question if it’s the best thing for me.. but I know, in my heart of hearts that moving back to Scotland but be to take ten steps backwards. I’ve had so much more life experience in the past nine months living in Leeds than I ever did living in Scotland and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it.


There you have it, my top five moments of 2016! I know I’ve been on and off my blogging game recently but life really does get in the way, which I know is the lamest excuse ever but I will do something I never do and make a New Years resolution. I resolve to blog at least once a week in 2017 and will try to do so for a whole year.

With that being said I won’t continue to ramble.

I hope your 2016 has been all you have hoped it would be, and here is to an even better 2017!

With all my love,

Em x