I recently travelled up to the Scottish Highlands with my mum and our two dogs for yet another October holiday. For the past few years each October we’ve found ourselves exploring the Scottish coastline, seeking out new adventures. This year we booked a cute little cottage in the remote – it’s too small to even call it a village – place called Acharacle.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from this holiday is I cannot live without the internet – sad but true. It has become a constant in my life and if I’m being 100% truthful I missed it far too much. Nowadays everyone is connected in some way or another so when that connection is taken away, it is a little bit of a shock. I might even go as far to say that I had a few withdrawal symptoms!

Despite the lack of a wifi connection I did have a lovely holiday. Apart from the constant searching for a strong enough 3G spot, the holiday consisted of a lot of beach walks. My two dogs – Lily and Milo – loved every second on the beaches. We visited a place called Dorlin which was home to a derelict castle that I have now laid claim over. I have yet to confirm its new name, “Emma’s Castle” but I don’t see a problem in it being changed. There was a warning from the year 2000 at the entrance of the castle saying it could fall down at any moment but we still ventured inside. In my defense if the castle has been standing for hundreds of years and hasn’t fallen down in the sixteen years the sign has been up nothing bad could come of me taking a little cheeky nosy around a few crumbling walls.

We visited Fort William on the Wednesday afternoon and stopped off to see the Harry Potter Bridge in Glenfinnan on the way back. The views all around Scotland are stunning and the country never fails to give you plenty of photo opportunities. If you wanted to you could go on the train that was used for some of the Harry Potter scenes which would take you over the Glenfinnan viaduct. Unfortunately the train didn’t accommodate dogs but we did happen to come across the train when travelling back to the cottage. I was a bit late taking a photo and only managed to get a picture of a carriage, but at least its proof that I saw the Harry Potter train!!



It was all very remote where we stayed. Growing up in Fife, I’ve been used to living in a secluded area but spending a week in Acharacle takes secluded to a whole new level. That’s not to say there isn’t normal amenities that we city people take for granted each day. In the cottage there was a TV which I was VERY thankful for. All I really cared about was being able to watch The Great British Bake Off. I’d already missed a week of it by going to Zante, I wasn’t going to miss another week – thank god for catch up.

However, getting back on track it was such a lovely week away. It was a well needed trip just to get away, unwind and refresh. I did start reading a new book “A Room with a View” while I was there. I’ve started to gradually fall in love with reading again after recently finishing “The Bell Jar”. I’d forgotten just how much I used to enjoy reading after the trauma of Advanced Higher English but I won’t get into it too much – it would be a whole other blog post in itself.



Have you ever visited Acharacle, or somewhere in the Scottish Highlands? If not I’d definitely recommend it.

Em x

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