I may be a good month (or two -oops) late in writing this blog post but better late than never – right!?

On the 26th August I went to Leeds festival for the first time! For the past few years I’ve always wanted to go but with previously living in Scotland I’ve never had the chance to. This year however, seeing the line-up and actually living in Leeds again there wasn’t any excuse not to go!

I convinced my bestest of best friends Kathryn to travel down from Scotland for the weekend. We only went for the Friday as neither of us had been before and we were a little skeptical about camping for the entire weekend. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been amazing to go for the entire weekend but to be honest I don’t know how we would have coped with the mud. It might be silly but Kathryn and myself like to be clean and if you went to Leeds Festival yourself or saw any of the festival on the TV you’d know how ridiculous the mud got. At the end of the night going back to the car, the mud was almost overflowing into our wellies – not fun!!

Despite the mud, Kathryn and I did have the BEST time. If you follow the Reading/Leeds festival scene at all, you’ll know that Biffy Clyro and Fall Out Boy were headlining Leeds on the Friday. Neither of the bands are my favourite but I do enjoy their music; however Leeds festival changed that for me. I haven’t been able to stop listening to either of the band’s music since and I have even booked tickets to go see Biffy Clyro again in December.

There is something about being surrounded in a crowd full of people, going crazy to the beat and fist pumping in time to the music. It’s like everything else in the world does not matter as in that moment all of your responsibilities fall away. Even if only for a little while, nothing exists but you and the music surrounding you.

Personally after seeing a band live, I can never listen to their music again in the same way. I’m always transported to their live performance and encased in nostalgia. It takes a good few weeks and an impulse purchase of a few dozen more concert tickets to get over the festival blues.

The only downside to festivals is that you never get the chance to see everyone you want to. I was so gutted not to see Good Charlotte or The 1975 as they clashed with Biffy Clyro. We were lucky enough to see Spring King, Deaf Havana and Clean Cut Kid, just to name a few.

I cannot wait for Leeds 2017 and to anyone that hasn’t been or is wanting to go I cannot recommend it enough. The atmosphere is amazing, especially when darkness begins to fall. It feels as though there is an electric current running through the crowd. You can feel the excitement buzzing and every nerve in your body starts to tingle. I may sound mad, but unless you’ve been there I cannot truly explain the feeling as it is unlike any other.

Before this blog post gets any longer, I shall wrap it up here. Obviously if you scroll a little further down you’ll see I’ve added some pictures from the day, as it wouldn’t be a true Leeds festival blog post without any pictures.


Do let me know if you went to Leeds festival or even Reading. I’d love to hear of any stories you have to tell.

Em x

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