The other day I went into a bookshop. One of the places where I feel most at home. Browsing the bookshelves, seeking out the next adventure that I will be taken on.. I realised even if I find a book I want to purchase, I won’t. I’d much rather go home and order from Amazon and wait a few days for it to arrive when I could quite easily pick it up in store and start reading it straight away. Why is this you ask? Well, there are a few reasons…

Maybe I just don’t want to make a commitment to this particular book just yet. What if I decide I’d rather read something else. I’m a very indecisive person so it wouldn’t surprise me if I changed my mind completely. Then I would have wasted my money on a book that would still on a bookshelf and gather dust.

Then I thought they only offer a limited range of front covers. I know what you’re thinking, what has the front cover got to do with the content? I realise it is rather a shallow excuse not to buy a book but what if I could find a prettier version online. When you can buy books for pretty much any technological device the atheistic of a book nowadays is quite important. If a book has the potential of being neglected, I want it to at least look pretty gathering dust.

However these reasons aren’t what really what stop me from buying a book in store. It is rather silly but I don’t want to buy a book in person because I find it a rather intimate process. What adventure I decide to go on is between me and the book I shall be reading. Don’t worry I don’t waste my time reading erotic but I don’t want any unwanted suggestions from the shopkeeper. Is it just me that finds when someone suggests a book to read, it puts you off? I feel like I may be the only one but I want a book to speak for itself.

This blog post may be a strange one but what do you really expect from me? Besides people that don’t read books are even stranger.. Am I right!?

Em x

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