This is more embarrassing than anything else but I got stood up..!

I’ve never been the most luckiest when it comes to “love” and relationships but I’d been “seeing” a guy – lets call him Henry – for about a month. Everything was going great, or so I thought. We had organised to meet at Leeds train station on a Monday lunch time. To cut a long story short I waited three whole hours and he still didn’t show up.

I called and texted him countless times. In my head I made up stories that he was just running late, had slept in or he had thought we were meeting next Monday. In the end I realised that fantasy wasn’t going to help me and the reality of the situation was that he had stood me up. In the grand scheme of things I wasn’t too upset. Being stood up isn’t the best experience of dating I’ve ever had but life goes on and I will survive.

But while I waited in the train station looking out for his familiar face, I got to thinking about dating. Everyone has their own experiences with it. Some good, some bad but in the end at some point in our lives we all date people. It just has to be done. We have date to find out what we like and don’t like. If a relationship isn’t working then we move on.

Moving on may be easier said than done but we all deserve to be treated with respect. Sometimes it may feel like we’ve wasted a part of our life – whether it be a week, a month or years – on a person but it isn’t true. We can learn so much about what we want from a potential partner but we can also learn so much about ourselves.

That being said, thinking back to my month with Henry I realised that I like to be able be myself. In past relationships I’ve felt like I’ve had to hide a part of myself for fear of being judged which isn’t healthy. I like it when I can be goofy and nothing is more sexy than someone who can make you smile. I also learnt that making an effort is important. It can’t be all one sided.

The relationship I had with Henry wasn’t serious but it seemed to be leading that way. The joke is on me as he obviously changed his mind but the only thing that really annoys me about this whole thing is that I don’t know why. I don’t know why he changed his mind about us when he seemed so happy as to how things were going.

Just because Henry stood me up, I just have to remember that it doesn’t reflect on my personality and isn’t a fault on my part but his. I may not want to jump back into dating for a while but I live and hope that not everyone out there is a complete plonker.

Have you ever had a similar thing happen to you? How did you feel afterwards? Let me know and we can rant about relationships together. Everyone loves a good natter about boys – especially me!

Em x

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