I wrote this poem a while ago and for someone who at the time meant a lot. I always forget that I wrote it so I think its time it saw the light of day. It is far from serious so take it with a pinch of salt. Hopefully the nonsense of this poem will make you chuckle.

I’m sorry this poem isn’t all that great

But it’s not something you should easily hate.

So please try and listen close.

It’s my bestest work, almost!

It might be weird, but don’t deny

oh so wonderful too.

I promise it gets better.

Just add a bit of mayonnaise or two.

For crying out loud, don’t

get those rings out just yet.

I haven’t even mentioned the woolly bowls

or lettuce eating dinosaurs yet.

You jump to conclusions as quick as a wink.

Twisting my words before I can blunk.

So take a sip of coffee

just as bitter as your face.

For I have a few choice words, saved

especially for you.

“You get me!?”

No! I don’t believe you do.

That’s obviously a joke.

Don’t look so grim.

I would apologise, but

my “sorrys” are wearing thin.

But to say one more sorry, I’m sure will not hurt.

As I’m the most sorriest sorry any person

can be, for making you listen

to this crappy poem, by me!


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