People say that you’re either bullied or are the bully. Well I think it’s safe to say that I was never the bully because throughout high school I experienced quite a few cases of bullying. Don’t worry, nothing major. Most of it I’ve forgotten but there was this one time that seems to have stuck with me for reasons unknown.

I can remember as if it were yesterday…

It had been a particular long day in school. I was sitting in a stuffy science classroom on one of those really high, really uncomfortable stools. The open windows did nothing to cool down the classroom, and just let warm air circle the already stiflingly room. My school shirt clung to the back of my neck, as sweat dripped down my spine. I kept shuffling around on my seat, trying to reawaken my bum that had gone to sleep when finally the familiar sharp sound of the bell rung in my ears signalling the end of the day! Thanking God for not letting me endure any more moments in that classroom, I peeled my legs from the stool, grabbed my battered books, shoving them quickly into my bag and hastily headed for the door. 

I swiftly began to navigate the hustle and bustle of the corridor when my poorly packed bag betrayed me and spilled its entire contents on the floor. Sighing, I knelt down and begin to pick everything up while being constantly kicked in the face by a sea of legs. 

By the time I’d collected all of my scattered belongings, the sea has disappeared to just a casual stray drifter and my friends had gathered at the end of the corridor. Looking out of the window we see buses begin to leave and panic. We start to crash down the stairs, not caring if we fell and sprinted out of the doors towards the buses. My bag crashed into the side of my hip, causing a sharp shooting pain to run down my stiff leg. I can feel sweat drip slowly down my face as the summer heat blares relentlessly. Squinting in the sunlight, I rush after my friends towards the buses, when I trip and blunder into none other than my tormentor!

I hear a cackle of laughter from a band of girls and a sour greeting from my own personal hell creator.

“Oh look, it’s the cat killer!” she snarls.

I can barely look her in the face as the sun blinds me. Taking this as a sign of weakness she menacingly steps forward using the whole weight of her large body to intimidate me. I retreat backwards, trying to sidestep away from her but she only moves closer.

“I don’t know why you bother coming to school” She says glaring down at me, “You’re completely worthless!”

All I could do was stare at my feet, lost for words. At this point my friends begin to call me. I glance over and see them waving, pointing towards the leaving buses. In a fraction of a second my tormentor’s attention is grabbed by the distraction and I do not hesitate to make a break for it, dashing away quickly before she can stop me.

As I run I hear the band of girls chant,


Accompanied by the thunderous boom of my tormentor shouting,


I knew that they all found it hilarious to make my life a living hell but I tried not to give them the satisfaction. I jumped onto the bus just in time, slumped in a seat and sighed, smiling faintly at my friend.

“It will get better.” she reassured me, “just ignore them.”

I know that she was only trying to help but I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was so glad she wasn’t the poor victim of these verbal attacks and I didn’t blame her. Most people told me to ignore them but for something so common as bullying you think people would come up with a better solution. I’m sure everyone knows, because I definitely do that ignoring a problem does not make it go away. In many cases it just makes it worse.

Looking back now, it’s quite pathetic. I pity the girl who bullied me, but at the time I was so scared of her. If I can remember correctly the only reason why the bullying stopped was because she left school early. I was so thankful because I hated going into school and having to think about avoiding her all the time. In the grand scheme of things my experience with bullying wasn’t that bad. Thinking about it now, I don’t understand why she even called me a “cat killer”! It’s just so hilariously random.

I’ll never understand why some people have to be so horrible and I suppose I’ll never know why she decided to make my life a misery. I felt so helpless and I honestly thought it would never get better, as you have to remember this was just one occasion of her bullying me. However it did get better once she left and if I have to look for a silver lining in it all, at least it gave me a topic for a blog post! That and something to laugh about years later…

Emma x

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Just as a side note, I adore cats. I have two cats myself and never in a million years would I ever think about killing one.