I had the strangest dream last night and I feel as though I need to share it with you guys! Picture this…

I was sat in a fancy restaurant enjoying what seemed to be a lovely date with a very attractive man. (Not Tom Hiddleston I’m afraid.) We had just finished stuffing our faces with what was the most gorgeous chocolate cake in the whole entire world when he got up to pay the bill. While he did this I was absent-mindedly playing games on my phone, cradling my food baby, when I notice someone come and sit back down in front of me. Naturally, I think its my date coming back, but when I look up it is actual fact my Gran!! Who I’d like to point out passed away in January last year!! She just sits there smiling at me, looking deep into my eyes as if she knows exactly what I’m thinking.

It takes a few moments for me to process what is happening, but all I can do is stare at her blankly. Smiling she leans forward, stretching her tired and arthritis stricken hands across the table to tightly grab my hand, placing in it a polo mint. I do nothing but stare at her, the polo mint and then back to her again. Settling back in her chair she breaths deeply and says almost smugly,

“I’m alive!”

There is a slight awkward pause as she clarifies,

“Not dead!”

Out of nowhere all my emotions seem to catch up with me and I begin to cry hysterically. I practically jump over the table to give her a huge hug, wrapping my arms around her small body like cellophane, clinging onto her as if my life depended upon it. I can feel my face become tomato red as tears pour from my eyes, blinding my vision. I sniffle into her coat to try to stop the flow of tears and gently rest my head on her shoulder. As I do I can hear the soft rustle of her waterproof jacket against my ear and I can almost smell the faint waft of her favourite perfume. A delicate aroma of roses and strawberries that brought memories of a little girl and her Gran flooding back. All the while, I’m thinking this cannot be real. How can this be real!?

Turns out I was right and it wasn’t real, as before I can pull away and tell her that I love her, I wake up.

At one o’clock in the morning I had to remind myself it was just a dream because it felt so realistic. I have no idea if it means anything or if I just have an overactive imagination. Could be both I suppose but that concludes my strange dream for you. If I have any more I’ll let you know because I had fun writing this!

Until then I’ll talk to you in my next post,

Emma x