In today’s post I thought I would create my own Blogmas tag – whoo! In the Holly Jolly Christmas tag I’ll be asking the all important Christmas questions which we all want the answers to. So without further ado, lets get cracking.

Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?

What Christmas movie do you NOT like to watch?

Is Santa real?

What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

If you could be one of Santa’s reindeer which one would you be and why?

Without looking on the internet what is the best Christmas joke you know? (Don’t know any? Make one up!)

Name a Christmas song that you cannot live without. Extra points if its not played constantly.

What are your hopes and dreams for next year?

The rules are quite simple. Answer all questions and if you wish you may change ONE of the questions for the next round of tag-ees. The choice is yours but for now I nominate five of the most fabulous blogs that I read religiously. Those being…

Chapters of Kat – This girl is just amazing, I cannot stress enough how on point her posts are and if you don’t know who Kathryn is then shame on you! Go get reading her blog.

Colours and Carousels – A pure dead brilliant Scottish blogger who I stalk on the internet all the time – mahaha! Not creepy at all.

Half Girl Half Teacup – A femtastic blogger who still hasn’t shown me hers!! *wink wink*

The Flower That Blooms – Double the trouble, twice as much fun! These two sisters are far too obsessed with Lush but it just adds to their charm.

A Cup of T – Quite frankly who doesn’t love a cup of tea?

Now the power is in your hands. Spread some Christmas spirit you angels.

Love Emma x