Hello my lovely people. First of all, let me address something. I feel like I need a name for you guys. If you have any ideas then please leave me a comment down below.

Secondly yes, I am posting on a Saturday. Why you ask? Well, come in closer. No, closer. Did I not say closer!? Right okay. So now that my nose is touching your nose let me tell you what I have in store for you today.

As you may have guessed by the title its a little bit different. I was nominated by the lovely Jess of Half Girl Half Teacup to take part in the Femme Cup tag. Which if I may mention was created by none other than Jess herself. Can we take just a moment to give her a round of applause and appreciate her awesomeness. I mean just take a look at the logo, how bloody brilliant is that!?

the femme cup
Now, this isn’t your usual tag because its all about *drum roll* feminism – whoo! So without further ado “let the Femme Cup games begin!”

Are you a feminist?
Am I a feminist? Wow, jumping straight into the hardcore questions I see. I can honestly say I’ve never truly given it much thought. I obviously think that women should be treated the same as men, but I don’t think I would label myself as a feminist because there are so many misconceptions about feminism. However I would say that I’m a supporter of equality for both genders.

Which issues do you want feminism to tackle over the next few years?
I feel that there is the stereotype that women in general are weaker than men. Seriously!? Women have to give birth to an actual human from their vagina – ouch!! I’d like to see a man give birth and think it was a piece of cake. But really, all people have their strengths and yes, weaknesses so don’t just apply it to one gender.

Should we free the nipple?
Okay, so confession time. I know that I am a woman but nipples freak me out. They are creepy whether they belong to a man or woman. However, that being said if people feel that they need to have their nipples on show then go straight ahead. Free that confined nipple!!!
Sidenote: I think that women should be free to breastfeed in public. I don’t understand why women shouldn’t. If a women is breastfeeding it obviously shows that shes looking after her baby. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that!?

Could feminism do more to help men?
Like I said before, I think people should pay more attention to equality between the two genders (as well as races) so yes! Lets band together my brothers and sisters, at the end of the day we’re all fighting for the same thing – aren’t we?

Do you have any slightly misogynist guilty pleasures? (E.g. mine include Fifty Shades of Grey and Fetty Wap please don’t tell me I’m alone here)
Umm, I honestly don’t think I do.. My guilty pleasures include googling Tom Hiddleston daily, no scratch that hourly and putting too much butter on my toast.

Should it be made legal for a woman to become the Pope?
What, its not legal for a woman to because the Pope yet? Seriously!!!?? Are we still living in the 16th century?

Apart from me, who is your favourite feminist?
Umm, hate to break it to you but I don’t think I have a favourite feminist… (apart from Jess obviosuly) I mean what Emma Watson has done in the past few years with speaking at he united nations about the campaign “heforshe” is pretty heroic but does she count as a feminist?? I’m not sure.

Which stereotypes of feminism would you like to see squashed?
That all feminists are man haters. That is such an outdated approach to feminism which really needs to be changed. Both genders can be a feminist but its just getting people to see beyond the word and to realise what feminism actually stands for.

Should we be encouraging girls into careers involving politics, science or maths?
Sure, if that’s what they find interesting. Personally, I would hate having a career in politics, science or maths but I suppose its all a matter of preference.

Have you ever been catcalled?
No. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure…

Are the Victoria’s Secret Angels empowering or destructive?
Honestly I think Victoria’s Secret Angels are destructive but have the opportunity to be empowering. Just think of all the good they could do if they showed a range of women on the catwalk, not just one particular kind.

And with that, all the questions have been answered. Now all thats left is to nominate some unsuspecting victims… mahaha! But wait, I have no idea who to tag? So go tag yourself! Anyone who is reading this is hereby obliged to do this tag. Don’t forget to tell me who you are and to click over to Jess’s Femme Cup post to see what do.

I had so much fun writing this blog post – all thanks to Jess – and I hope you do too.


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