Hello my fellow blog lovers.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will know that I recently went on holiday to the Isle of Skye. I had a fabulous time with my Mum, Lily and Milo and now I want to share my amazing trip with you. Warning, this post will be very photo heavy.

On the 26th of September we set off for the Isle of Skye. We stayed in a lovely cottage just over the bridge in the Kyle of Lochalsh. I might be eighteen but it didn’t stop me from enjoying not one, but the two tree swings that were in the garden.


The cottage was so homey, and I loved that the next door neighbors owned some piglets. I named one Martha and almost took her home. She was too cute, see for yourself – aww!


Throughout the week we visited many little towns and villages in the Isle of Skye. I loved Portree, it was so beautiful. The different coloured houses reminded me of Balamory.

IMG_8203 IMG_8200

On the Wednesday, we went for a 2.5 mile hike just to get to a sandy beach. That’s a five mile round trip!!! It was a great day but I will never ever walk 5 miles just to get to a beach again. EVER!

IMG_8351 IMG_8383

That being said, the beach was lovely and Skye is such a beautiful place. My favorite part of the holiday though was visiting the fairy pools. I had planned to swim in them but the pools were freezing! I cannot stress how cold the pools were. I imagine they were the temperature you would be it you had to live in a freezer for your whole life…

IMG_8500                                              IMG_8638Dramatics aside, the week in Skye flew by far too quickly. Everywhere was a photo opportunity. I took over 600 pictures – yikes – however they cannot all be included so enjoy these select few instead.

IMG_8061                                               IMG_8530

IMG_8264 IMG_8687 IMG_8511IMG_8120                                               IMG_8151As you can see everything in Skye was so picturesque. You could take a picture of a public toilet and it would still be stunning. Just to let you know, I did not do that but you get my point. I thoroughly enjoyed my time away and I hoped you enjoyed the pictures.

Have you been on holiday or planning a trip away? Don’t forget to leave me a comment, we can be nostalgic of holidays together.

Talk to you in my next post.


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