It was a few weeks ago now that I was reading some of my favorite blogs and came across a blog post, Sophie Asks from Sophie Speaks Up. The blog post was basically a rip-off of Would You Rather – her words – and the rules are to choose between two options and explain why if you want to. So I thought I would post my very late reply to her questions on my blog. Here gos…

1. Turn into a vampire OR become a zombie?
Vampire, obviously! Hello Mystic Falls and Damon Salvatore.

2. Have someone fall in love with your looks OR for your money?
Definitely looks. Its less superficial than money (only slightly) and people are more likely to like your personality if they like the look of you.

3. Free unlimited Wi-Fi access OR free unlimited supply of yummy food?
Free unlimited Wi-Fi is goals!

4. Messy dogs OR grumpy cats?
Messy dogs as they can be washed.

5. Have a million followers OR have thousands of likes per post?
Thousands of likes per post, as I would rather have people read my blog and show their appreciation.

6. Lose your blog forever OR lose your lose your Facebook/Twitter accounts?
It would be my worst nightmare to lose my blog so I would lose my Facebook account. (Seeing as I already deleted it. Mahaha.)

7. Justin Bieber OR One Direction?
I CANNOT choose. You CANNOT make me.

8. Be a bitch OR be a slut?
Bitch, please. That’s easy.

9. Be yourself but have no friends OR be fake and have lots of friends?
Be myself. I’ve have ‘fake’ friends before and there is nothing worse.

10. Be naked OR wear invisible clothes?
Umm, wear invisible clothes? At least I’d know I would be wearing something, even if everybody else didn’t.

11. McDonald’s or Starbucks?
I don’t usually go to either but Starbucks is the lesser evil. (McDonald’s, I’m hatin’ it!)

12. Ice Cream or cake?
CAKE!!! Chocolate cake, cheesecake, mini cakes, large cakes, all kinds of CAKE!

13. Kiss a stranger OR slap a stranger?
Both seem a little weird but I suppose kiss a stranger. You never know, that stranger could be Tom Hiddleston. Fingers crossed.

14. What do you want to solve more racism OR gender inequality?
Obviously I want both to be solved  but I think I would choose racism. 

15. Visit the future OR go back to the past?
Even though Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite films I would have to go and visit the future. I’m so nosy and I have to know everything before it happens.


16. TV shows OR movies?
I couldn’t live without Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, Parks and Rec, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Charmed or Gossip Girl. TV is life!

So there it is, my answers to Sophie’s version of Would You Rather. It was really fun to write this, so thanks Sophie. Definitely go check out her blog Sophie Speaks Up, its one of my favorites!

Talk to you next week.

Happy Lazy Sunday!

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