I am now a “worker girl” – whoo! – and in the spirit of my new found employment I decided to dedicate an entire post to five exciting things that I find exciting about work. Having left school a while ago and fallen out of a routine and into a downward spiral of watching Netflix all day I thought I would hate working. However, within my new job at a local cafe, I discovered five things that excite me about getting up bright and early and going to work each morning with a smile on my face…

1. Money – who doesn’t love a bit of the cash!? I’m so excited for my first pay check. To be honest I’m having to spend the majority of the money I earn on travel but earning my own money makes me feel like the adult I’m suppose to be.

2. People – because everyone loves to socialise. Working in a little cafe I spend about a third of my time just chatting to the customers. (The other two thirds I spend washing up.) Everyone loves to gossip and you wouldn’t believe the scandals I know already. Its also great to know that I still have social skills, after spending the past few months in the company of only my dogs.

3. Learning new things/skills – who knew a coffee machine could be so hard to work? (I didn’t.) My first day was very daunting and tackling the coffee machine did not help but when in a fast paced environment you have to pick things up as quickly as possible. Its safe to say I’m learning something new everyday and I almost feel as though I’m back at school – yikes!

4. Routine – so I mentioned I’d fallen out of a routine. While that was great at the time, I’m so thankful I have one now. Surprisingly I’m less tired, and even though I’m getting up earlier than ever, I’m finding more time to be productive. So say goodbye to Netflix at 3am and hello to 10pm bedtimes.

5. Weekends/Holidays – having a job has made me more grateful of the weekends. I look forward to lazy days which are now a treat and holidays when I can spend the time with family, which I enjoy even more now.

So that’s my five things that make me excited about work. It has given me a whole new perspective and I actually enjoy it because I now know that being employed is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

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