Scene Three

The stage is dark. There is a faint sound of drums which begin to get louder and louder. On every sound of the drum there is a bright flash of red from a spotlight. Once the drums reach a climax, there is a scream from a woman and then sudden darkness.  A white light gradually becomes brighter and lights the whole stage as sounds of rain against a window can be heard. A red spotlight illuminates a dead body on the floor of the study. A housemaid enters the stage and walks into the study stopping suddenly. She pauses for a minute over the body, freezes and then the lights fade.

A spotlight opens up upon Alice as she hurries into the lobby carrying a small suitcase. She quickly puts on her jacket and picks up her suitcase. As she moves the case opens and the contents spill onto the floor. She sighs, bends to her knees and begins to hastily shove the contents back into the case.

As this takes place Willow enters on the stage and is singing to herself under her breath. She sees Alice frantically picking up her belongings and gracefully bends down to help Alice.

WILLOW: Why in such a hurry?

[Alice begins to answer but is interrupted by the housemaid in the study. She is screaming while running into the lobby, crying hysterically. Willow stops helping Alice and goes to calm the housemaid. She places her hands on the housemaid’s shoulders encouraging her to take deep breaths.]

WILLOW: Shh. What is the matter?

HOUSEMAID: [sobbing] Mr Ancelot! He’s dead!

[A smile fights its way onto Willow’s face as she turns to hide it. She begins to sing under her breath again as she wanders over to Alice. Alice has finished repacking her bag and as she stands the redness in her cheeks drains away, leaving her face as pale as a sheet. Her hands shake uncontrollably as she places them on her stomach.]

WILLOW: Why do you worry so?

[Alice can only smile faintly. She begins to walk to the door as Willow clasps her arm and whispers softly.]

WILLOW: Thank you. I am free now because of you.

[Alice tilts her head to the side in confusion.]

ALICE: Why, it is I that should be thanking you!

[They both look to the study and then back to each other sharing a knowing glance. As Alice turns to leave the sound of the drums return and a bright flash of red light appears illuminating the two women, then everything stops and the stage goes dark.]