A couple of weekends ago, my friend (shoutout to Kathryn) and I decided to have a trip into Edinburgh for a little shopping and nosy at the Fringe. For those of you who don’t know what the Fringe is, it is a festival that comes to Edinburgh every year and puts on loads of shows and events throughout August.


Even before we got to Edinburgh we knew it was going to be jam packed. You could barely breath on the train. Not good! However once in Edinburgh, we were happy just to soak up the sun and the first thing we saw was the Ferris wheel. Which we never ended up going on due to recalled memories of terrifying rickety carts and fears of falling out but it did look pretty against the clear blue sky.


Despite the forecast of rain it ended up being a lovely, bright, sunny and warm day which is very unlike Scotland. I even had to ditch my coat – the shocker! We had a wander round the stalls at the Fringe, as well as the usual shops like H&M, New Look, Topshop etc. (Edinburgh haul to come, watch this space.) By the end of the day our feet hurt so much, we definitely walked our little legs off. Long legs in Kathryn’s case. What it’s like to be tall, I’ll never know. *sigh*


We explored the other side of Princes Street which was decorated with bunting for the Fringe which looked amazingly festive and just so darn cute.

IMG_7633Upon exploring the back part of Princes Street we stumbled upon Shakeaway. A magical milkshake bar that will make any milkshake creation of your dreams.

I’d tried their milkshakes in Leeds before when visiting family and know how gorgeous they are but I had to convince Kathryn to try a one. Shes a hardcore Fuel fan. Despite this I might have a convert! We took about half an hour deciding what type of milkshake we wanted. I had a bakewell tart concoction. It was delicious.

So with Shakeaways in hand we headed further into the depths of Edinburgh. I could have spent the whole day in Fat Face and Paperchase, two of my favourite shops. Is it just me or is the smell of new notebooks just so enchanting?

Along the street with more ‘high end’ shops, there was these cute tents with bars and restaurants. The whole road was closed off to accommodate them. You can’t really tell from the picture but they were jam packed so we didn’t have a look around but the pizza smelled amazing!


The world and their wife seemed to be in Edinburgh and even the Edinburgh Book Festival was overflowing.
 IMG_7637                                         IMG_7643

We wasn’t really sure what was going on but we looked in the book shops. With our knowledge from Advanced English we found the classics section and commented on how pretty the covers were, being the literacy critics that we are – haha.

Back in the main part of Edinburgh, there was a load of great street performers to have a look at. I didn’t manage to get a picture of them all as I was trying to take sneaky pictures without them noticing. (awks.) I don’t think I succeeded but oh well.
IMG_7700 IMG_7701                                                    DSC_0079

So that was my day in Edinburgh with Kathryn. It was super fun despite our feet hurting like hell the next day. The pain was worth it though.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I know it was a little out of my normal comfort zone but it was so fun to prepare and write.

Hope you’re having a lovely week so far. I’ll talk to you in my next post.


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