So its been a whole week since Pretty Little Liars revealed who the mysterious “A” was/is. Before the episode aired there were so many “A” theories it was hard to keep track, but despite all the overthinking and speculating we ended up with this…


While some may be amazed and others not so much I find myself somewhere in the middle but I wanted to let the dust settle before I gave my opinion on the recent PLL’s reveal. A week later and I still feel that the finale was a bit of an anti-climax. After all the secrets, backstabbing, and cryptic messages I expected, dare I say it, just a little bit more.

Don’t get me wrong after such a  l  o  n  g  time I am over the moon to have some answers to questions I even forgot existed. I mean don’t tell me I’m the only one who forgot about the “who killed Toby’s mother” story line.

Its the one thing that over the years has become quite annoying about PLL. They really do like to drag out the story lines for as long as possible and when it requires an end, they seem to just make up the answers on the spot.

For example, Sara Harvey! Where the hell did that come from? There is no way the writers had planned Sara to be Red Coat or Black Widow since series three. I suppose they had to tie up their lose ends some how but really. Could a team of writers not think of anything better?

However in a strange turn of events, it might be surprising to find out but the writers knew who “A” was going to be since series three. In fact believe it or not but they dropped a major hint. Cast your minds back to the lodge fire that happened in the season three finale. That plane that was apparently flown by Sara, was in fact rented by none other than Cece Drake aka Charles DiLaurentis aka “A”. So if we’d been on our A game (sorry, I just had to), then we would have known who “A” was two years prior.

I’ve not made up my mind as to whether I think Cece Drake was a worthy enough character to be “A”. Maybe its just that I expected a truly awful character, whose motives for starting the game were fueled by a dreadful past, not just because “Alison’s friends looked happy without her”.

Putting all this aside, it was definitely an interesting episode. Although it has just left me with more questions. Such as;

What was Charles diagnosed with in Radley? I know he accidentally almost drowned Ali but that wasn’t intentional, despite what his Mr DiLaurentis thought. All we really know is that he identified himself as a girl but that’s no reason to be locked up in an institution. Other than that he just had a weird obsession with dolls.

How did Charles transform into Charlotte so quickly? Doesn’t it take months to go through the whole transition, years even?

Why didn’t Mrs Dilaurentis put a stop to Cece’s and Jason’s relationship? I mean that’s taking it a little too far, even for PLL! Imagine what Jason is like in the five year jump, realising he dated his once brother, now sister!

How did Charlotte even pay for all the spying equipment? I understand that she made investments but come on, NO ONE is that good at making money. Over the many years in which she’s played this game it must have cost millions..!

Where do the writers go from here? Will we get to know Charlotte more or will the writers jump to their new story line without a backward glance.

Before this episode aired I did have my doubts as to whether I’d continue watching PLL after the reveal of “A”. However, while the reveal may not have been all that I expected, I can’t not watch it. I’ve been watching PLL since it started and its got me hooked. So for the time being, its looks like I’m going nowhere.