It takes years to perfect an art, even then

there is still much to discover.

Life is a learning process tailored for the individual.

It takes courage to be different, but

no courage at all to be the same

in this constant, fighting game. Do not

let others define you, or you define yourself.

For that is a fault in all of us, our image becomes

important. Brainwashed into thinking,

branding takes precedence.

Half our life is spent, waiting for it to begin.

Planning every breath, every step taken.

A direct road, mapped out

is sensible; but getting lost

is half the fun. For an unorthodox route is just the

beginning of an adventure.

There are those that take pleasure in

manipulation. Forcefully

spoiling another’s blank canvas.

Stripping it of identity.

An abstract painting in your eyes

lacks restriction, offers freedom

that you are reluctant to give.

You are the ultimate master

of control. Begrudging the growth

of dreams and imagination.

Gifted with a yielding mould and

passive nature to dominate

over. Your hands turn destructive.

Behind a translucent charade,

you’re the only one to blame. For

what a troubled little puppet

you have sculpted. Destined to live

the life of the generation

before. Mistakes made are displayed

as failures. Accomplishments are

disregarded. Expectations

failed to be met. This stops now!

I will not be crafted by you; or altered.

Cruel criticism means nothing; your acceptance means even

little and  your disciplined organisation of life

will not affect me. You are ignorant

of any thought process alien to yours,

but try and hear this loud and clear!

I am not who I am,

nor who you think I am, but

who I want myself to become.

This poem was used in my Advanced Higher English Creative Writing folio. As of yesterday I received my results from my exams this year so I am now free to post this on my blog. This poem means an awful lot to me. After writing this, it was probably the first time I realised that creative writing was something that I wanted to pursue. As always, I would love any feedback and I thank you for your continued support.

Much love,