Now that I’ve left school for good and are constantly wrapped up in blankets all day planning new blog posts and forgetting to live my life, the only “people” I come into contact with are my furry friends. So I thought, seeing as they play a big part in my life keeping me sane, why shouldn’t I dedicate an entire blog post to them..? Fact is, there is no reason so lets jump into it.

Over the years there has been a lot of animals coming and going. One particular memorable pet was Parsley, the Voldemort of rabbits, who we let escape because she wasn’t happy.

However as of this moment, there are six animals which I live with. Two cats, two dogs and two humans. Today you will be meeting only four. (The cats and dogs.)

IMG_4735First off we have the eldest of the animal clan Zuki, more commonly known as Sumo due to her being the fattest cat I have ever come across in my entire life. She’s about eight, loves to eat (shocker) and very evil! Don’t trust those devil eyes.

Next up is Ziggy, who is three. To begin with my mother and I thought that he was a girl. (He is in fact a boy.) He still gets called Princess on occasion, along with Sugar Lump, Spaghetti face and Zig Zig. He always snuggles up with me when I write a blog post. I like to think he’s helping me but to be honest I think he just likes the heat from my laptop.


This is Lily. She’s in her troublesome twos stage. I might be slightly biased but she is the cutest dog in the whole entire world. (I mean, just look at that face, it could melt anyone’s heart.) She’s a cross between a springer spaniel and patterdale terrier. Her loves include the ball, long walks, pate crackers but most importantly, sleeping under the covers in my bed!

IMG_7257 IMG_7363 IMG_7457

Last but not least, meet Milo, the baby of the furry friends family and at the grand age of eighteen months. A single picture doesn’t give him enough justice on his range of comical facial expressions, therefore you have three. He might be a HUGE dog, (labrador and rottweiler cross) but he is the soppiest and most loving dog in existence and just wants cuddles all day long.

So there you have it. You’ve met the animals who hold the key to my sanity! I know for many people, four animals in one house is a lot but for others its nothing. I’d love to know what sort of pets you have, and how many. Or if you don’t, then what is your dream pet? Don’t be a stranger and let me know.

Till next time,