So, I’m jumping onto the band wagon and telling all you lovely people about my summer reading list. This year I’ve tried to keep it simple but I’m excited to begin reading for enjoyment again because it’s the first time in my life that I don’t have to read anything for an upcoming year of English.

So with that, lets jump right into it!

1. Driving Theory


First up on my list is the oh so joyous Official DVLA Guides for learning to drive. If you have read my recent post you know I’m taking driving lessons and along with that is the theory books which bore you to death. (I wish it was a joke!) If these books could be avoided then I would avoid them like the plague but unfortunately they are a necessary evil. I’ve been reading each book little by little and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that they are not a delightful read at all. However the faster I read them, the faster I can start reading whats next on my list – whoop!

2. Animal Farm – George Orwell

IMG_7419I’ve wanted to read Animal Farm for a while now. When I received this book in the post I was pleasantly surprised at how short the novel seemed. I expected it to be the length of War and Peace. I look forward to reading this as I’ve heard how well written it is, especially with the clever use of animals as a metaphor representing humans.



3. Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton

Next up is Jurassic Park. Since the new Jurassic World movie has been released in cinemas recently, I thought what better time to read the story of how it all began. I loved the first three films, and I went to go see the new movie the other day and loved that too. If the old saying, “the book is far better than the movie”, is true then I can’t wait to read this. Here’s hoping it does not disappoint.


4. Emma – Jane Austen
(Because its not summer without a classic.)

For my English Dissertation one of the novels I studied was Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.  I loved Austen’s style of writing. For a woman of the late 18th century she was very witty and not many people realise but there is a tone of ironic humor in her novels, which make her novels brilliant reads. When writing my dissertation I knew I wanted to continue reading her novels, so naturally the next book of hers I picked up was the one titled with my name!

A Little Something Extra – LOTR’s

Like I said, this year I’ve tried to keep my summer reading list manageable but I have to have at least one nearly impossible and unattainable goal in my summer reading list, otherwise it just wouldn’t be summer.IMG_7439

Therefore if I finish all the previous books, then I’ll break out these bad boys, (haha)The Lord of the Rings trilogy. These books have been on my bookshelf for years. Twelve years in fact and I think it’s time I start reading them. I read the Hobbit when I was thirteen and loved it. My favorite part of the book (and film) was the riddles in the dark chapter.

Well, that is my summer reading list. It isn’t the most exciting thing but I am beyond exited just to start reading for enjoyment once again as it has been far too long. Maybe this has given you some inspiration. Let me know what books you’re reading this summer. I’d love to know.

– Emma : )