Just a little update today. As you can probably tell by the title, on Monday I had my first driving lesson (yay!) To begin with I was so terrified. On the morning my hands were shaking so much I had difficulty eating my breakfast, and I’ll tell you now, nothing stops me from eating my breakfast! If I don’t have my breakfast then other people have the right to be terrified – haha. However, I had so many irrational fears about crashing the car, or the engine catching on fire (can it even do that?) or just the whole lesson being a complete disaster. But just as I said, they were irrational fears. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be gaining my license any time soon. It was quite funny, but while driving I kept forgetting to breath – oops – but at least now I’m not so terrified. In fact my lesson for next week is booked and who would have thought but I’m looking forward to it!

Sorry for not having anything more exciting to write about this week. I promise I have lots of fun and exciting blog posts planned, so stay tuned. Also don’t be a stranger, if you have any funny/terrifying (first) driving lesson stories I’d love to hear them.