Warning: This is NOT a full on review but there will probably be spoilers.

“Dear Diary. Today will be different. It has to be. I will smile and it will be believable. My smile will say, I’m fine, thank you. Yes I feel much better. I will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh. Be someone new. It’s the only way I’ll make it through.”                  – Elena Gilbert, Season 1, Episode 1


The Vampire Diaries, a TV programme that I have watched religiously since the first year of high school (wow, that’s a long time ago!) has aired its season 6 finale, and it’s a heart breaker.

The “I’m Thinking of You All the While” episode was a fantastic farewell to the much loved character, Elena Gilbert and I must tell you the truth. I had a box of tissues opened from about the ten minute mark.

As a dedicated fan, it seems appropriate that six years on, with Nina Dobrev leaving TVD, it is marking an end of an era, not just for the TV programme but for me too, as I get ready to say goodbye to my carefree teenage years. (A scary thought.)

TVD has been one of the very few constants over the past six years. It has been an excellent escape from demanding homework, and a topic of many conversations between friends. Since its beginning in 2009, I don’t think I am the only one who has become attached to the characters and their stories. Season after season the show just got better and better, and I believe mainly because of the strong cast.

This is why; I was honestly so shocked to hear that although it might be the end of Elena as we know it, it is not the end of the TV programme itself. Julie Plec – the producer – has plans of keeping the show running for at least another two seasons! This is such a bitter sweet prospect.

My first thought was how is that even possible? Without Elena (Nina Dobrev), the show cannot be the same. This is coming from a biased viewpoint, but she is the first character who I connected with, and how is it possible to say goodbye to her, and still have the show we both know and love? It would be too many goodbyes all at once, because TVD cannot possibly be as great without her, can it? There is nothing worse than seeing your favourite teenage TV programme become a shell of its former self. Slightly melodramatic but it would ruin my whole teenage years!

Then I realised, change is necessary! Just because Elena is now in a deep sleep for the foreseeable future, it does not mean that there isn’t a new beginning around the corner. Knowing Julie Plec season 7 will probably start with a bang and be the most riveting story line ever! Or here’s hoping. It’s the same with all things really, goodbyes are needed. Otherwise nothing would progress, and most of the time if there is no change, it will do more harm than good. Therefore change, no matter how dramatic it is, should always be welcomed as there can never be too many goodbyes as long as we remember they are what keep life interesting.

What do you think? Is there ever too many goodbyes? Is change worth the dramatic adjustments or do you welcome it with open arms? I’d be very interested to hear what you have to say.

– Emma

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