Do not let the title mistake you. I would never in a million years label myself as an author. In all honesty it was just a catchy name but it does not mean to say that I have no passion for writing.

I believe that the written word is the most powerful mechanism in existence. This could be a slight exaggeration on my part, but just think about how much influence the written word can have. It has the power to inspire, motive and excite people but on the other hand, it also has the potential to be destructive and used as a weapon.

This however, all depends upon what voice we want ourselves to have. Our voice is always changing, and I am the first one to admit mine is not yet complete and I doubt it will be for many years. Throughout high school we are told that the next natural step is university. Well I was never one to agree with the status quo. I do not want to be trapped within a box, confined to one direct path. I have always been independent, and I want to make my own mistakes. Right now my voice is confused as I am not entirely sure what I want it to become. Writing helps with this as it is my form of expression allowing the creative juices to flow.

I still have many mistakes to make but I look forward to making them. It is an ongoing process, which is a challenge I am now ready to tackle. So please, join me on this adventure as I explore the hidden path of becoming myself.

– Emma x