An Accidental Author

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It was a moment a single moment, that passed and now I'm left knowing I did not and do not love you.



My love for words is ablaze a fiery essence, awoken once more. This creativity burns fiercely scorching my insides, engulfed inflames and itching to escape to come alive on paper.


Are you afraid to suffer a dull life? I am. I fear wasting time going round in circles the wrong decision, but life is temporary, a gift of no returns yet we treat it as everlasting as though we are... Continue Reading →

Simpler Meaning

I write to convey a meaning a point of view. Taking time over my choice of words. Often changing flittering between phrases in order to express myself fully. Caught trying to find the perfect words, I struggle to captivate the... Continue Reading →

I’ve never felt more trapped

I lecture upon deaf ears, letting my thoughts trail through the air, dissolving right before your dead eyes tuned out and unresponsive you refuse to resonate with the truths I so carefully speak, mindful of your reaction. Occasionally you retort,... Continue Reading →

A Promise to Myself

I read I dream I write I hope I pour my heart and soul into everything I create. With so much to say my imagination bursts at the seams. To contain what is natural like a breath of air would... Continue Reading →

Hopelessly Cynical

In my pessimistic pursuit of happiness our origins emerged from a screen. Drawn from a techno world, lines of code strung together to communicate meaning - feeling. But I am afraid, terrified. This business may be a natural affair but... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Dreams

A thousand dreams within me softly burn like embers dancing upon a hearth crafting muted shadows on the walls whispering to one another telling stories in delicate tones. Recounting tales of swashbuckling adventures from worlds far beyond our own. Battling... Continue Reading →

pluck the strings of my heart

Pluck the strings of my heart and listen to the melody twinkling as it floats softly to the stars. Exploring constellations, soaking in each dazzling beauty, searching for its life changing Gemini. Electric with energy the heavens bleed scarlet. Sparks... Continue Reading →

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